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I am assistant Professor of Philosophy of technology at the Department of Philosophy, University of Twente. I did my PhD at the same department, supervised by Prof. Dr. Philip Brey and defended on April 23, 2010 “met lof” (Dutch equivalent to summa cum laude). The dissertation mainly dealt with the epistemology, ontology and ethics of virtual worlds, with a particular focus on their potential impact on personal well-being.The remainder of my 4-year (NWO VICI) PhD Research Grant was converted into a short PostDoc, and I subsequently got the position as assistant professor starting September 1, 2010. Building on a Cand. Mag. (B.A. equiv.) consisting of psychology, philosophy and comparative literature, I did my Cand. Philol. (M.A. equiv.) at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, on issues related to Philosophy of Mind and Artificial Intelligence.

Although I am inspired by all kinds of philosophy, my main research interests lie in the intersections between Information Technology, on the one hand, and both theoretical and practical philosophy, on the other. I often ground my work in psychological research, especially work in the field of Positive Psychology. I have published and lectured extensively on issues such as the ethical, societal and psychological effects of technology (especially related to the notion of well-being), Internet governance and the moral status of information.

Short Personal Bio:

I orginally hail from Trondheim, Norway where I spent most of my life until moving to Enschede, Netherlands for my PhD in December 2006. In addition to philosophy, my main interests are to spend time with my wife and to play the drums (in particular in the game Rock Band). I’m also a beer lover, always on the lookout for beers I haven’t tried, and generally prefer idle or profound conversations at the local pub (in Enschede, this is usually ‘t Bolwerk). Although I hardly have the time anymore, I’ve also enjoyed making music – in particular Dark Ambient – resulting in two CDs and a few live performances with the one-man project Metus Mortuus). I also enjoy video games and (although partly for research purposes) virtual worlds – and have spent quite a lot of time roaming the fields of Second Life, the streets of Grand Theft Auto, the planets of Super Mario Galaxy, and the paths of Monkey Island. In general, I still suffer from having been a geek all my life, and still appreciate some recreational programming, Web design and generally making sure that my life is intertwined with the interwebs.

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  1. Hi Johhny, in a break before doing some work I searched the internet because I had heard you got stuck in an elevator.. being in a elevator.., and discovered this site.. and read that whe share a interrest trying unknown beers.. You in the wrong country then because in a dutch pub the only choice is beer or no beer..better see the land of the pubs England, bup i guess you know this already..

  2. Haha, really could have used a few beers in that elevator.
    I partly agree, since I do love British beers, but I’m particularly fond of Belgian bocks and dubbels, and Netherlands is the next best country for that it seems 🙂 … but yeah, pub culture is a different story, so I would love to do a proper pub crawl through Great Britain once.

  3. It’s the exam-period and I am vigorously avoiding to do anything in that manner, so I ended up here.. nice to have students spamming on your website, isn’t it? Anyway, I tried to listen to that music of yours, and thanks to a bad mixture of myspace and a crushed adobe flash player I wasn’t able to do so unless I asked my girlfriend to borrow me her notebook.. gnarf.. anyway, I really liked it, and it reminded me of “the grey wolfs” as well as “lustmord”. You may know those?
    Ah, by the way, after your lectures I felt this urge to drink beer due to those many examples 😉 You should try some german beer as well, there are terrific ones (both positiv and negativ form of terrific 🙂 ).
    I’ll go back and try to do some fancy philosophy back here! See you during the exam..

  4. Thanks. It all sounds a little amateurish in retrospect, but I’ve given up hope in ever finding time to doing it properly so I’m happy you like it. And yes, those are some of my favorites — Lustmord’s Stalker (with Robert Rich) is probably my all-time favorite dark ambient album. Although I enjoy German beer, I’m yet to find something mind-blowing from Germany — suggestions are very welcome. Ok, now back to commenting on your essays 🙂 Good luck with the essay and exam preparations.

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