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A series of furtunate events: The beauty of Internet creativity and hybrid economy

I’ve written before about creativity online and the failure of companies trying to stifle this creativity, but felt encouraged to do so again after having looked into the elegant events in the wake of a Stephen Colbert interview with well-known blogger and Stanford professor of law Lawrence Lessig – which quickly evolved into one of the more interesting displays of Internet creativty, through which Lessig’s point became even more clear. Continue reading A series of furtunate events: The beauty of Internet creativity and hybrid economy

Internet killed the video star

Well, some headlines just lie there dormant, waiting for the right opportunity to become overused. That opportunity is here.

The phenomenon that prompted the headline is called “Take-Away shows” and is being done to perfection at La Blogotheque. The concept is easy; pick up a camera and a cheap microphone, convince a band that this is the new cool, and shoot an improvised, raw, dogma-like music video on the fly. As the web site states, “what makes the beauty of it is all the little incidents, hesitations, and crazy stuff happening unexpectingly”. The results are mixed, as can be expected, but it can be pretty awesome. Continue reading Internet killed the video star

Starry night — The Magic of Second Life

There’s a misconception in the department where I work that I spend all my time “playing” Second Life and that my PhD is dedicated to SL alone. This is far from the truth, and Second Life is but one instance of how virtuality might have a profound effect on the quality of our lives, which is the subject of my thesis. I tend to especially emphasize this point whenever talking to someone who know very little about what Second Life is and its possibilities and limitations. Second Life has unfortunately gotten the stigma that it’s either just another computer game, or that its primarily inhabited by perverts and leaches, verificationist researchers, and sensationalist journalists (not sure which one of those is worst). What people tend to overlook – or never allow themselves to discover — is that Second Life is ultimately about creativity. Continue reading Starry night — The Magic of Second Life